Top Tips To Reduce Driving Stress

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We rarely drive for pleasure. A car journey often has a required time for arrival. Whether it’s your daily commute or trip to visit friends, you want to arrive on time. Having a deadline can easily create stress. To help reduce driving stress here are some top tips.

Reduce Driving Stress

Are You Getting In The Car Already Stressed?

Learning to be aware of how we are feeling is important. If you start to plan your day into manageable chunks leaving slightly earlier can become a possibility. Can you plan in five minutes of quiet time before starting a journey? Maybe sit down with a coffee before leaving for work and fit in a five-minute walk around the block before you drive home.

Check Your Route Before Getting In The Car

Even though your daily commute often has the same destination, can you sometimes go a different way? Get into the habit of checking your route before getting in the car. If there are accidents or road works you can look to go a different way. When we drive the same way each day, we can get complacent and more likely to be distracted. If you mix up your routes and aim to focus on your driving, you are less likely to be distracted by stressful thoughts.

Do Other Drivers Annoy You?

The top reason for stress while driving is other road users which causes distraction and increases the risk of accidents. You are more likely to get annoyed by other drivers if you feel time pressure. It’s important to have plenty of time planned for your journey.

If you focus on being the best driver you can be this creates a more positive outlook. Avoid getting offended and annoyed by other people’s bad driving but concentrate on what you are doing to avoid possible hazards.

Look After Your Car

Problems with your car can be very stressful. Using your car every day takes its toll. Every week check the tyres, lights and fluid levels. This will avoid any annoying warning lights turning on in traffic jams. It’s also important to have an annual service to protect the value of your vehicle.

Manage In-Car Distractions

To reduce driving stress from in-car distractions have entertainment plans for your passengers. Audiobooks are perfect for creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. Plan in a weekly audiobook so you have something to look forward to. Choose what you listen to carefully as some music can make us feel more stressed.

How to Reduce Driving Stress

The common theme for all the tips for reducing driving stress is preparation. You need to try and be calm before you get in the car and leave with plenty of time for your journey. By planning your route you can be prepared for problems and try a different way. To make journeys more enjoyable, you can select audiobooks or favourite music tracks.

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