Selling a Car Online – How It Works

At Top deals 4 wheels we can promise you three things when you sell your car to us;

• Simplicity
• Honesty
• Professionalism

These three principles are at the core of everything we do and we believe that by following them we offer our customers the best car buying service available in the UK.

What Details Do You Need

When you enter your vehicle registration our clever system will automatically gather lots of information about your car from the DVLA and other sources. This makes the process for you much quicker but we still need you to provide us with one or two details.

You Will Need

• Registration Number
• Car Mileage
• Service History
• MOT Details
• Your Contact Details

Begin by Filling out The Request Form

You’ll be amazed how easy it is selling a car to us. To start simply enter your vehicle registration and add as much detail as you can into our online form. Take the time to have a walk around your car so you are aware of any cosmetic flaws that you need to tell us about. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide us at this stage the more accurate the valuation of your car will be.

Please double check that your personal details are filled out correctly so we can easily contact you.

If you have all the necessary details available completing the form should take approximately 5 minutes.

A Member of Our Team Will Call You

At a convenient time, one of our friendly and professional team will call you to confirm the details you entered online and ask a few more questions regarding your car.

If your car needs any work let us know and we’ll quote you the trade price for fixing it and take this into account with our offer. This simple approach saves you both time and money.

We want to be clear, this is not a sales call and you don’t need to worry about any ‘pressure tactics’ that some of our competitors may employ. Our team are all trained to ask the right questions which enables them to quickly gather the information we require to provide you with a qualified valuation.

This conversation will last approximately 10 minutes.

We Provide an Honest and Fair Valuation

We’ll value your car and make you an offer based on the all the information we have collected. Assuming the information you have provided is accurate the offer we make is the price you’ll get.

The valuation we provide is valid for 7 days.

We Come to Inspect and Collect Your Car

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to sell your car to us we’ll send one of our friendly team to inspect and collect the vehicle. The collection is free of charge and we’ll come at a time and date that suits you. If our team member is delayed they will do their utmost to keep you informed. Selling a car really is this simple!

As well as inspecting your car our team member will also need;

• All keys and any other items or objects required for the operation of the car
• Service history
• The current MOT certificate and all previous MOT certificates • V5 form
• The cars audio equipment
• Photographic proof of identification in the form of a current driving licence or passport
• The cars user manuals
• Proof of ownership

We Transfer the Funds to Your Account

After inspecting the vehicle and confirming the valuation we’ll transfer the funds from our bank account to yours. We use instant transfer and we ask that you double check with your bank that the funds have cleared into your account before you hand over the keys and watch us drive away. Don’t worry; if you have left any personal effects in the car we’ll send these back to you free of charge, it’s all part of the service.

Well Done You’ve Sold Your Car

And that’s it, without leaving your house you’ve sold your car and have a much healthier looking bank balance. All that’s left now is to make a cuppa, put your feet and up and celebrate with a well-earned biscuit. Oh… and don’t forget if any of your friends and family are selling a car tell them about the great service you received from Top Deals 4 Wheels.

Sell your car today!



“The service we received was excellent and the price paid for our car was fair. The fact they collect from your home is a massive bonus as it saves so much time.”

Philip – Grantham – Mercedes A-Class

“A quick, efficient and thoroughly professional service. I can’t believe it was quite that easy to sell my car.”

Rhys – Shardlow – Ford Focus

No Admin Costs

Free Home Collection

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