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Lexus is the biggest selling premium car brand from Japan. Founded in 1983 it is the luxury car division of the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sell My Lexus

The brand was born from a challenge issued by the then Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda. He asked his engineers to create the worlds best car. From this challenge, the F1 or ‘Flagship One’ Project was created with the result being the Lexus LS400.

Whether the Lexus LS400 was, in fact, the worlds best car is perhaps still up for debate. However, sales, especially in the North American market were strong with over 16,000 cars being sold in the first four months. The presence of 81 new Lexus dealers across the US also helped raise the brand’s profile.

In 1990 the first the first LS400’s hit UK shores and Lexus also targeted the Canadian and Australian markets. Throughout the 1990’s the brand expanded its range, and it’s global reach. By the end of the decade over 1 million Lexus models had been sold in the US alone making in the country’s top-selling premium car brand.

Today Lexus is one of the best known and well regarded luxury brands around the world. It’s it ranked as the seventh largest brand to hail from Japan and is renowned for having an extremely high customer retention rate.

Selling Your Lexus

Sell Your Lexus

We appreciate that a Lexus can be a hard car to say goodbye to but when you do finally utter the words “it’s time to Sell my Lexus” you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

The process of selling your Lexus should be quick and easy with no complicated forms to complete and collection of your car from your own home.

Good news, this is where the Top Deals 4 Wheels specialists can help.

With our simple four step process you could sell your Lexus within hours, and with our experts support, you’ll get the best price possible.

1. The first step is to complete our simple online form where we take down your contact details and important information about your car. Once your completed form comes through one of our experts will carry out an initial assessment.

2. Next, one of our team will call you, ask a few more questions about your car and you’ll then receive your accurate car valuation which is valid for 7 days.

3. Once you’re happy to proceed, we arrange a convenient time to come and inspect and collect your car.

4. The final step to complete the necessary paperwork and we then instantly transfer the money to your account.

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