6 Reasons to Regularly Service Your Car

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When your car is brand new, maintenance may be the last thing on your mind. However, the more you drive your car, the more likely it is that faults might occur. It’s, therefore, a good idea to regularly service your car in order to prevent any faults occurring that could cost you a lot of money or worse, leave you stranded. There are multiple other benefits to servicing your car regularly.

Regularly Service Your Car

1.      Makes Sure It’s Safe

Perhaps the most important reason to make sure you get your car serviced regularly is to make sure that it is still safe. Breaking down unexpectedly can be dangerous, especially in the dark, bad weather, or on busy motorways. Regular servicing will reduce the likelihood of this happening. If you regularly service your car, it can also ensure safety in so far as it prevents accidents caused by things such as faulty tires or windscreen wipers.

2.      Saves Money in the Long Term

Often, servicing can find issues early that would become much more serious, and expensive, if left. If you repair faults when they arise rather than waiting until your car breaks down, it is often much more cost-effective. The Money Advice Service suggests that it is worth getting your car serviced every year and maintaining it in between these services as this will ultimately save money in the long run. It is not worth the risk of ignoring small issues because you don’t want to pay.

3.      Improves Performance

If you regularly service your car, the performance will increase. At a service, your car fluids, oil levels and internal mechanisms will all be checked and maintained. Having everything working correctly in your car will improve performance.

4.      Decreases Fuel Costs

Changing the oil in your car and ensuring its running at its peak will ensure fuel efficiency. This will mean your car will use less fuel per journey, which in turn will decrease your fuel costs. Kwik-Fit confirm this, stating that new oil and air filters make your car run smoother and will save you money at the petrol pump. Improved fuel efficiency has the added benefit of also decreasing the environmental impact of driving your car.

5.      Extends Vehicle Life

Regularly servicing your car means that on top of all these benefits, it will last a lot longer. If everything is working efficiently and correctly, and faults are spotted and fixed quickly at regular services, then your vehicle life span will be much longer.

6.      Better resale value

When it comes time to sell your car, a full-service history and having had regular maintenance done on the car can have a substantial positive impact on the resale value.

Regularly Service Your Car to Save Money and Improve Performance and Safety

Making sure your car is serviced regularly saves money, improves safety, and improves performance. This can all help you to get a much better resale value for your car when eventually you decide to sell. It, therefore, makes sense to book in for regular servicing.